Life With An A
Life With An A

about Ari

Hello! Here are 20 things about me:

1. My actual name is Ariana, but Annie renamed me Ari at the age of 7 and it's basically stuck ever since. It's fine, though, I renamed her Annie and every time someone calls her "Anna" I cringe with confusion. 

2. I have a black cat named Luna who hates everyone in the entire world, except me. She adores me, and I adore her (probably more).

3.  If I could I would have a million cats, as they're my favorite animal (bunnies are my second).

4. I spend all my money on my cat, and most of my free time with her. 

5. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 3 years ago, along with several other health issues. I've also had 10 oral surgeries. I'm a medical gold mine, truly. 

5. I think I want to dedicate my life to fighting for affordable healthcare for all. Or maybe fight for women's reproductive health. 

6. Whatever I decide, though, I'm trying to go to law school and arm myself up with a law degree to get in on the fight. 

7. My other greatest goal in life is to find a gluten free croissant. 

8. My dad is from Mexico, and my entire wonderful family on his side lives there. My mom is from Connecticut and I have the cutest family up north too. 

9. I'm a duel-citizen of the U.S. and Mexico. I love that I have two cultures, and two countries to call home. 

10. I have a tattoo with my bestest friend in the universe. I didn't think I'd ever get one, since I'm deathly afraid of needles, but I did it! 

11. I live in Austin, in a little cottage by myself. 

12. Living by myself is the greatest thing ever. 

13. I regularly go to a nude beach in Austin.

14. I try to paint water colors, but usually I just make a giant mess on my kitchen table. 

15. I grew up playing classical piano and violin. I still play piano, and now also try to play the ukulele, mandolin, and guitar. 

16. Johannes Brahms is my favorite composer of all time. 

17. My whole family does martial arts. We even have a dojo in our house!

18. I try to be a photographer a lot. Sometimes it works, sometimes... not so much. Film is the best. 

19. If I don't leave the city at least once a month I get incredibly antsy. Travel and day trips are a necessity. 

20. I'm addicted to sugar. It's bad.